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Q8Oils metalworking fluids

World Class Drawing & Rolling Solutions

Q8Oils develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of soluble and neat lubricants for the drawing and rolling applications of wire, rod, bar, strip, tube and profiles. Read more.


Formaldehyde releases biocides

A large proportion of bactericides on the market today are classed as formaldehyde releasing biocides which means that under specific conditions they release small amounts of formaldehyde – this is


Turbine oils for the long run

The major challenges for gas and steam turbine oils is viscosity, oxidation and thermal stability. The Q8 Volta high performance turbine oils are based on Group III base fluids, delivering

Hydro Dam

Q8 Holbein Eco gets an Ecolabel

Q8 Holbein Eco is interesting for those working in ecologically sensitive areas – as well as those who take an environmentally-conscious stand in life. It is, after all, a biodegradable