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At Q8Oils we invest invests strongly in building a personal relation with our customers and partners. Our experts answer quickly and precisely to your questions. We highly value clear and direct communication and believe that this guarantees the strongest partnerships.

Thanks to our dedicated support in over 90 countries, our customers can rely on us to solve their challenges and reach their objective. Our dedicated service makes us stand out as the n° 1 partner for your automotive lubricants.

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Technical support

Our superior quality products are supported by the highest levels of after-sales and technical services. Q8Oils offers:

  • Partnership with customers to develop the products they need
  • Technical advice on applications to maximize the benefit of our products
  • Support from field-based specialists who provide advice on existing applications or develop new products to meet individual requirements
  • Collaboration with customers to identify innovative new applications for our products to enhance productivity

We are big enough to serve all customer types, but small enough to care!

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