World class credentials, consistent quality and our innovative and progressive approach make Q8Oils the partner of choice for the automotive sector. Our lubricants are designed to protect vital components, improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. To meet the various needs of all our customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers, we continuously improve our automotive products.


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Automotive Product Segments


  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Extends drain interval.
  • Protects against foam formation, rust and corrosion.
  • Wide variety of engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, and other.


  • Suitable for any truck fleet in Europe.
  • Adjusted for extreme hot and cold climates.
  • Increases engine efficiency.
  • Extends drain intervals.
  • Low SAPS for better engine protection.


  • Full range of agricultural lubricants (incl. engine, gear and transmission oils).
  • Focus on biodegradability.
  • Reduce harmful emissions.
  • Increase reliability and improve fuel consumption.


  • Developed for performance under extreme conditions.
  • Wide range of engine oils, chain oils, cleaning fluids, greases, etc.
  • Applicable to all major motor manufacturers.



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Why Q8Oils is the perfect partner for your automotive lubricants

  • Q8Oils

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    Choosing for Q8Oils automotive lubricants is the easiest way to decrease your total cost of ownership:

    • longer drain intervals
    • better fuel economy
    • longer engine durability
    • less downtime

    Our product range is the result of a combination of the best experts in the industry, our state-of-the art production facilities and our in-house R&D centre.
    This combination translates into high-performance lubricants of the highest quality.

  • Q8Oils

    Easy to do business with Q8Oils

    Q8Oils invests strongly in building a personal relation with our customers and partners.
    Our experts answer quickly and precisely to your questions.

    We highly value clear and direct communication and strongly believe that this guarantees the strongest partnerships.
    Thanks to our dedicated support in over 90 countries our customers can rely on us to solve their challenges and reach their objective. Our dedicated service makes us stand out as the n° 1 partner for your automotive lubricants.

    At Q8Oils we are big enough to serve all customer types, but small enough to care.

  • Q8Oils

    One Stop Solution

    With more and more OEM- and government specifications regulating the market, one product does not longer suffice to service different applications in Automotive.

    Q8Oils presents a complete high quality range for all your automotive applications, making live easier for our customers.

    We offer a one-stop solution, with products that exceed the highest standards and tailored advice from our automotive experts.

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