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Q8Oils is the preferred oil manufacturer for the energy sector. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience in this challenging market and our innovative R&D program we continuously optimize our products for gas engines, wind turbines, compressors, and other energy solutions.


Q8 Schumann

New Q8 Schumann: perfecting compressor oil

February 13, 2018

The application of compressors is evolving over time, creating new challenging operating conditions for compressor lubricants. Q8Oils has improved the formulation of its top tier Q8 Schumann compressor oil to

Blending Plant Q8Oils

Q8Oils wins Petroleum Economist Award

December 6, 2017

Petroleum Economist, an independent publisher who analyses the energy market since 1934, hosted its annual award ceremony on 21 November in London. Q8Oils was awarded the “Project of the Year”

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