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Q8Oils offers a selective range of excellent industrial lubricants. As the number one choice of leading manufacturers around the world, these lubricants excel at protecting vital components, ensuring a smooth operation and extending the life of valuable machinery.


Blending Plant Q8Oils

Q8Oils wins Petroleum Economist Award

December 6, 2017

Petroleum Economist, an independent publisher who analyses the energy market since 1934, hosted its annual award ceremony on 21 November in London. Q8Oils was awarded the “Project of the Year”

Palub In Motion

Palub in Motion

October 11, 2017

Product Applications LUBricants, the technical support department of Q8Oils, has some important announcements to make. Not only has Joris van der List taken over from the recently retired PALUB manager

Mineral to biodegradable oil

Replacing your mineral oil with a biodegradable oil

October 5, 2017

There is a rising awareness of the importance of using eco-friendly lubricants, particularly in industries in ecologically-sensitive areas like forestry, agriculture, waterways, marine, mining, etc. Many hydraulic installation owners endorse the

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