Q8Oils offers a wide product range of metalworking fluids, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your process and application. If your application asks for custom-made products, Q8Oils can specifically develop it for your individual needs.

Our metalworking products boost the performance of metalworking applications and comply with all health and safety regulations. Q8Oils Tech+ is a one-stop solution that offers dedicated products, service and support in more than 90 countries worldwide. You can always rely on our proximity in solving your challenges and reaching your objectives.


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Metalworking Product Segments


  • Wide range of soluble and neat lubricants for the drawing and rolling of bar, rod, wire, tube, strip and profile
  • Developed for all types of machinery
  • Approved by many leading drawing machinery manufacturers.


  • Reduces the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous metal strips.
  • Ensures a high quality surface finish.
  • Suitable for all types of mills and approved by leading rolling mill manufacturers.
  • Optimizes the production process.
  • Reduces emissions and protects the environment.


  • Balanced and technologically enhanced cutting fluids to provide a high quality surface finish.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Increases tool life.
  • Soluble and neat fluids and oils complying with human, workplace and environmental legislation.


  • Wide range of anti-corrosion fluids for a variety of purposes, exposed to different working conditions.
  • Prevents rust formation and corrosion to work pieces, machine parts and tools.
  • Saves costs.


  • Suitable for the forming & blanking of metal parts using a high level of energy.
  • Dissipates heat.
  • Lubricates the working surface.
  • Prevents wear of the tool and the finished product.




  • High quality quenching fluids to control the speed of cooling and overall surface quality.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Reduces the formation of sludge.

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Experts in Metal Manufacturing applications and challenges

  • Q8Oils

    Strong customer relationships

    Q8Oils installed a dedicated personalized approach to serve your individual needs.

    The Q8Oils Tech+ team proposes the most appropriate products, solutions and services based on your specific business requirements.

    Our experts have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your objectives, working in close partnership with our customers is in our DNA.

    We are determined to find the best solution and combine commitment and responsibility with strong technical knowledge. Our team of highly trained product engineers is ready to answer all your questions.

  • Q8Oils

    Tailor-made solutions

    The comprehensive range of Q8Oils metalworking fluids offers a solution for many applications and challenges.
    With over 100 years of experience in lubrication technology we have always been collaborating with our customers to find a solution for their specific challenges objectives.

    This ‘going the extra mile’ attitude sets us apart in our industry, making us a reliable partner.
    We take an innovative and progressive approach to developing different grades for different applications.

    Our smart products extend tool life and significantly reduce operating costs, while staying ahead of the new demands arising from higher fluid pressures, faster cutting speeds, and new materials and tool technologies.

  • Q8Oils

    Respecting health & Safety

    Health & safety regulations are becoming more important and stringent. It is a complex matter that cannot be underestimated.

    Tech+ will guide you on the latest legislation and provides support in how to use your products correctly whilst complying with health & safety requirements.

    Q8Oils helps you choose the most appropriate metalworking fluid for your application, balancing efficiency and safety.
    We provide assistance with fluid condition monitoring, give general advice on applications and are ready to respond to any issues.

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