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Metalworking fluids are very complex in terms of their chemistry and the environment in which they have to perform. The wide range of materials and applications for which they are used asks for specific formulations. It is therefore essential to offer a wide product range so that customers can confidently choose the metalworking fluid best suited to their process and application, from light duty to extreme performance products. Q8Oils helps you balance criteria such as surface finish, severity of the operation, working environment and costs.


cold rolling

Introduction to cold rolling

April 20, 2018

Cold rolling is a process by which metal is passed through rollers at temperatures below its recrystallization temperatures. The metal is compressed and squeezed, increasing the yield strength and hardness

Q8Oils wire drawing

Q8Oils’ expertise in wire drawing solutions

March 15, 2018

Q8Oils’ drawing solutions are the result of more than 100 years of product development and application experience. Our chemists and engineers take a unique, innovative and progressive approach to develop


Q8Oils at Wire & Tube 2018

March 5, 2018

Visit Q8Oils at its exhibition stand 11 D21 at Wire & Tube 2018 to discuss its many recently-launched products and service-led initiatives available for the worldwide wire, tube and cable

Q8 Ravel

The Q8 Ravel range presented

February 27, 2018

Q8Oils has renewed its Q8 Ravel range of corrosion protection fluids. The result is four new products in different fluid classes. Each Q8 Ravel product has different features and can

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