High performance product range

The Q8 Brunel product range offers a solution to every requirement.

Q8 Brunel product range overview

Q8 Brunel is a superior range of high-quality water-miscible metalworking fluids designed to fulfill the high expectations of the latest advanced applications.

The range of products has a progressive safety profile, complies with the latest environmental requirements and chemical legislation and does not contain boron, boric acid, formaldehyde, chlorine and secondary amine. These products can be used in combination with hard and soft water.

  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 111
    Our most cost-effective product for machining cast iron and steel alloys
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 132
    A high performing multi-purpose lubricant for steel machine shops
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 263
    Suitable for all applications that require extreme performance machining
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 277
    The only product specially developed for machining copper and copper alloys
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 280
    The best choice for heavy-duty machining of aluminium, aluminium alloys and stainless steel
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 343
    The leading lubricant for the aerospace sector
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 450
    The cost-effective choice for almost every metal and many other applications
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 527
    The best product for tool grinding with no cobalt leaching
  • Q8 BRUNEL XF 530
    A synthetic solution for the grinding and machining of cast iron, steel and stainless steel

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